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Professor Dr. Mahim Ranjan Adhikari (M. R. Adhikari)
  • President (Honorary), Institute for Mathematics, Bioinfinormatics, Information-technology and Computer-science (IMBIC),

  • Vice-President (Honorary), The Institute of Polymath, Nagoya, Japan.

  • President (Honorary), International Electronic Engineering Mathematical Society (IEEMS), Egypt.

  • Member of the International Program Committee and Advisory Board of the NINTH International Workshop on Applied Category Theory, Graph-Operad-Logic, The University of Texas at San Antonio, The Department of Mathematics, San Antonio, Texas 78249-0624, USA. .

  • Highest Degree
    Research Interest
    Algebra, Category Theory, History of Mathematics and Algebraic Topology
    Past Positions
  • Secretary (Honorary) (1997-2009), Calcutta Mathematical Society (CMS),

  • Professor, Department of Pure Mathematics, Calcutta University, India.

  • President, Mathematical Sciences(including Statistics) Section, 95th Indian Science Congress (2007-2008),

  • Professor, Department of Mathematics, Burdwan University, West Bengal, India.

  • Assistant Professor, of Mathematics Presidency College, Kolkata, and Hooghly Mohsin College, West Bengal,
  • Academic qualifications

    Stood First Class First in the M.Sc Examination of Calcutta University, in Pure Mathematics in 1966 and received Ph.D Degree from the same University

    Research Project

    Dr Avishek Adhikari, Dr Rajat Bandyopadhya and Dr M R Adhikari have been jointly carrying out a Research Project at Calcutta University on "Secret Sharing Scheme Using DNA Cryptography", funded by the Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt of India.

    Principal Investigator of an on-going SERB Project, funded by DST, Govt. of India.

    Teaching / Research experience
    Over 40 years.
    Publicaion of Books
  • (jointly with Avishek Adhikari), Basic Modern Algebra with Applications, to be published by Springer. For more details, please visit the website "",

  • Edited Book: (jointly with Avishek Adhikari and Y P Chaubey), Contemporary Topics in Mathematics and Statistics with Applications, Asian Books Private Limited, 2012.

  • (jointly with B. C. Chatterjee, S. Ganguly,) A Text Book of Topology, Asian Books Private Limited, New Delhi, 2002.

  • (jointly with Avishek Adhikari), Groups, Rings and Modules with Applications, Universities Press, 2003.

  • (jointly with Avishek Adhikari), Text Book of Linear Algebra : An Introduction to Modern Algebra, Allied Publishers, 2004.

  • (jointly with Avishek Adhikari), Introduction to Linear Algebra with Application to Basic Cryptography, Asian Books Private Limited, 2007.
  • Papers
    More than 60 in Indian and foreign Journals.
    The research work of Dr. M.R. Adhikari on algebra, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, category theory and Lie groups has added some materials to the corresponding literature and contributed to the existing knowledge on the related topics. At least 20 of them have been referred in four foreign books of International Standard.

    Research guidance

  • Eleven students have been awarded Ph.D (Sc.) degrees.

  • Academic Visits (Since 2002)

  • University of Ulster, UK in 2002.

  • Technical University of Istambul, Turkey in 2002.

  • Bolo University, Turkey in 2002.

  • Aristotle University, Greece in 2002.

  • University of Athens, Greece in 2002.

  • University of Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2002.

  • University of Roma 2, Rome, Italy in 2003.

  • E.T.H., Zurich, Switzerland in 2003

  • Chuo University, Tokyo,Japan in 2004

  • Tohoku University Japan in 2004.

  • Mejio University, Japan in 2004.

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 2004.

  • Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan in 2004.

  • Linkoping University, Sweden in 2005.

  • Karlstad University, Sweden in 2005.

  • Ecole Surprieure d'Elctriciti (suplec), France in 2005.

  • University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh in 2007.

  • University of Rajshahi and Khulna University, Bangladesh in 2008.

  • St John's University, NY, USA in 2011.

  • University of Texas at San Antonio, USA in 2011.

  • Academic interaction
    Academic interaction with some world famous mathematicians:
  • Professor R Henstock at University of Ulster, UK in 2002

  • Professor S S Abhyankar in Kolkata in 2002 and 2006

  • Professor B Eckmann at E.T.H., Zurich, Switzerland in 2003

  • Professor P J Hilton at E.T.H., Zurich, Switzerland in 2003

  • Professor Y Shikata in Japan in 2004 and in Kolkata in 2006


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